Graphic Design

Offering graphic design services that let your customers know who you are and what you offer. Your graphic designs should speak to who your company is, make sure your business stands out with good print material.

Your business’ graphic designs should compliment each other and reflect your business. Print material is very important to your business as your clients and customers will carry this around as a reminder of who you are.

Thumbtack Marketing provides graphic design for every business from contemporary to modern. We can edit exiting graphics or create custom graphic designs.

Our Team of designers will craft your graphics to suit the personal needs of your business. Our services will provide you with the professionalism needed to impress your customers, and draw in new clientele.

Want to try your own designs, follow this tip: Using contrast in your design will help it stand out. Make sure you use contrasting colors, particularly when choosing your background color and the color of any fonts or graphics you use in your design. A good rule of thumb is if you have a light coloured background then you should use a dark font (and vice versa).