Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to build a working relationship and improve brand recognition with your customers. You can reach them at home, at work, and even on the go thanks to the proliferation of mobile and tablet devices.

Properly thought-out and executed email campaigns can generate a measurable flow of traffic to your internet properties. They can also educate customers about new retail locations and sales. In the case of eCommerce sales, email marketing is the perfect way to let your customer base know about sale opportunities, get them prepared for seasonal product launches, or inform them about popular new brands.

Free Email Marketing

Set up to 12000 emails a month to a list of 2000 or less for absolutely free. 


For frequent senders

Payment is based on the number of subscribers on your contact list or lists. Pay monthly and send out as many emails as you need. 

Pay As You Go

You only pay when you send

Payment is based on the amount of emails you send per month. If no emails are being sent you are not paying. 

Up to 500 subscribers


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1000 emails


Up to 1000 subscribers


Up to 3000 subscribers


5000 emails


5000 emails


Up to 5000 subscribers


Up to 30000 subscribers


10 000 emails

25 000 emails