Are you utilizing Instagram as part of your social media marketing tool for your business?

Knowing how to correctly use Instagram to enhance your business exposure will save you time and money on advertising

Instagram is a excellent way for businesses to create a visible story regarding their business’ brand. Instagram is becoming social media power machine, more and more businesses are turning to Instagram to grow their business in social online setting.

As of September 22 2015 there were more than 300 million monthly users on Instagram alone. Using Instagram for your business’ online marketing should not be ignored. Thumbtack Marketing created a list of 5 tips that your business should follow to increase your reach on Instagram.

Share High-Quality Photos

This should be a given when you want to show that you are a professional business. Keeping in mind that all photos that are shared on Instagram are a square. Make sure that your object or view in the image is not being cropped as you resize your image to fit the square. Save time when taking your photos and select a square setting on your camera when capturing the images.  Many new smartphones and digital cameras have this feature built in, just check your user manual for the setting.  Not only will this be time-saving but will ensure that essential elements will not be cropped out of the image when you are posting.

Relate to Your Followers Interests

When you create your social media marketing plan, make sure you know your buyer persona. You will need to keep their interest in mind of you want to have active engagement with your brand. Take the time reviewing your “Following” tab to see what your followers are “liking.”. There are also apps out there to help you monitor your Instagram account such as InstaFollow. Keep in mind you always want stay relevant to what you’re selling.

The Community with Hashtags

The Instagram community uses op to 30 hashtags at a time to categorize their photos. Users use these hashtags to find images that matches their interest.  These hashtags can be used when posting an image or commenting on another’s image. This is key is to increase your brand’s identity and visibility on Instagram. Keep in mind that research and planning the hashtags you use on Instagram when creating your social media marketing plan.

When choosing your hashtags be sure to include;

  • brand-specific hashtags. Create one to include your business name. This is so that others posting about your business can be found and anyone wanting to find more about your business can just click on the hashtag and see everyone’s images about your business’ hashtag.
  • general hashtags related to your business. Keep them relative to what the image is about and who your business is.
  • trending hashtags. When using the Instagram search feature to see the trending hashtags and input your images with using the hashtags to gain exposure to what is currently happening on Instagram. Remember that trending hashtags are time-sensitive, so be sure to use trending hashtags that are relevant to your business to help discovery.

Engage With Users

This is where it is great to have a community manager on your team, and yes Thumbtack Marketing has them available to grow your Instagram following. Engagement is a two-way street: if you expect people to engage with your business, then people will expect you to engage with them as well. The more active you become on Instagram, the more exposure your business will receive.

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