• Do you know that you can actually makes sales from all your facebook posts, tweets, Linkedin posts, pinterest pins and all your social media engagements? Sure, you can. Social media is not just for brand building and gaining positive reputation. You can use it to get customers and clients depending

  • There are many why you may add to redesign your website. Some of the reason are more important than others. For example, you may not redesign your website just because your cats shakes his head at your computer screen while you are looking at it. You should only consider the

  • The Downside of using a Website Builder like Wix or Weebly I’m sure you are aware of the benefits of having a great website. It can add to your business brand, growth and profitability. But for this to work effectively, you need to have a great website built by an

  • Just like in every aspect of business, punctuality is a key area of great concern. If you do not get it right, it may underpin the goals of your business. Having punctual staff and customer service agents is good for your business. There are so many reasons why you should

  • In business, success is really simple. Like most people, you may complicate it by thinking that you need billions of dollars to spend. If you have the resources for the above, great. But that will still not guarantee success as you will need more. There is yet another element of

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